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A Fake Jesus Revealed and Arrested in Kenya

We heard that this man called himself JESUS CHRIST in the country of Kenya and so many people have being following him and believed in him. According to my opinion. This is not the real JESUS CHRIST. This is original 419 or Darkness Messenger.

Although we heard that this man is an Actor, preacher and Evangelist in USA. The News reported that their is two(2) churches invited him to come and do as Jesus Christ.

Although they reported that this man real name is “MICHAEL JOB” from USA. He is an Evangelist. In the crusade hosted in Kenya, Niraobi.

This fake Jesus Collecting money and doing a great miracle . Even they said Blind people see. Although there are some miracle that Jesus did in the Bible that this fake Jesus can not do. What a pity. I know it is magic or darkness power this man using to did miraculous thing in the crusade on (29/07/2019).

Guess What? This man had been arrested by the Government Police in Kenya and deported. But people believed it is Jesus. But now, they realise he is fake.

I want to remind you people that Jesus Christ said, some people will come and calling their selves Jesus. Jesus Christ said we must not believe. That is why I can never believe this because our real master and Lord said so. Is it by force???

This is the sign, I mean good observation that the second coming of our real JESUS CHRIST is near. We must not believe such fake Jesus. Be at alert. Repent from sin and serve the real JESUS CHRIST in truth and spirit till He come from heaven. Jesus Christ is Coming.

If Jesus come today, He will never appear to some people, state or city. Never and Never.

That is why the book of (Revelation 1:7) let’s know that Jesus Christ is coming and all people even those that have part in His dead. But we glorify God because Jesus Christ is alive.

I want you to comment your opinion and Share this to all your Friends and Family.

~ Evangelist David Adeniji
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