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How To Make N75,000 – N200,000/Month By Selling Information

Hello my people in the Lord. Don’t be annoyed with this great post at all. Why?

Because I mention about Money making on this website and as you already know that this website “” is the website that is all about Salvation, Healing and Deliverance from the evil spirit attack.

Now I hope you still want to hear more about the reason of making money online on my gospel and Deliverance Website. Is it not it?

Buts this make me remember the word that came from the mouth of David who replied his brother.

I SAMUEL 17:29 “And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause (Reason).

This parable means I have a reason to give you the secret step by step How you too can be making good money Online as a Financial value to your life. Does that English correct? Smiles…..

Let’s stop joking now. Let’s go direct to where we are going.

Here is the REASON!!!

The reason is that I want you also to start making money online because I am making money online.

I mean good money every where you are since you have Phone or Computer to access internet. I am Capable to teach you.

I want Financial Freedom from you. And I want you to believe this that Those evil Spirits affecting online Business . If you know truly that you already have an Online Business that you don’t succeed with it.

Prayer is the key and that is part of the reason you must always come to this website. Because through this Website Thousand if lives have successfully changed totally for good for the glory of God.

More About Me….

I am Prophet David Adeniji as you may already know. God give me already the gift of technology about Online stuff.

That is not the gift of Prophet, Right? But it is just part of what God gave me and when I started getting growing and see people talking about Computer/Technology and Online things I start getting more knowledge in it powerfully.

But by the time in 2013 – 2014. I heard something about Online Making Money from the internet and this made me happy because I have hope that one day I will start making money online as those online guru did. Do you know meaning of guru? Those Professional in Internet Business also called Guru.

This is How I started The Journey….

After I heard About Internet money making. The next thing I did. Do you know? I just picked up my phone because I am using just Nokia 2700c by that time and my mind plugged into Online Business. Powerfully. I mean it. So serious. Ehhhh

I just went to Google directly and I searched for “How to make money online” because I don’t have money to attend seminal of the guy who advertised on radio.

Although I have been hearing about Online Business before but, I don’t have interest because I don’t know that will be possible and I also thought that may be for another country.

But since this guy mentioned that it is possible, I shocked and I believe instantly. I am in Ministry by that time also.

I just believed I will get all the info from google or from other Search engine.

You may also have in mind that you will also do as I did on google. See, don’t do that at all because If you do you will spend months to get the real info.

Don’t do because I have did all the research already for like one year before I start making money.

So, as I was saying… I just do my research and I found so many results I mean thousands of results that can scatter my head. But by God grace am fine. Smilesss.

I found so many ways and I tested most of the online Internet making money at the end of the day I just finding my self on the house of scammers and fraudsters online.

And I also spend money that I don’t want to spend before on all these stuffs. At the end of the day my people I got nothing.

Do you see now????
That is why I dont want all my Fans to face all these challenges in this Online Making Money.

If you already faced this challenges. Then cheer up because you are in the right place to start your own successful Online Business that will Change your life for good.

If you don’t have job, no need to be finding job again because you are going to start your real Online Business that will be generating cash for you every Day, week, month and year. Wooow.

Is this from just sweet mouth. No. That is just a reality. I tell you now and it is guaranteed because If I make Million from the internet per year that means you will also start making money and you will give glory to God.

The Reason I am Different From Other Online Marketing Coaches..

I am not boasting or proud about it. But I just realized that I am different from others. Here is the List:

 Deceit and Lye

So many Online gurus will be telling you that you will make money online and they will start showing you PROOF of their earnings screenshots, photo of their beautiful Family, Cars and House etc.

I have met a lot of them and they scammed me. I realised that all of their proofs are fake by using Photoshop editing, renting beautiful car, house all to proof that they will give you knowledge to start yours.

But at the end of the day they have got your money and they will give you materials that not stand well to change your life. Most of them will just block you from contacting them and run away. That is sin to God.

FOR ME: I am never do such things and that is why you have lucky to be here

No Support For Their Students

Most Online Gurus are real coaches that capable to teach their student the real way to be making money or to take business to next level.

But the problem is that they have no support as they already promised. After the student or people pay them that may be the end of the game. No matter how powerful or knowledgeable is the materials or teaching. You will need support of master or coach.

FOR ME: I am always online to support you putting your hands on it and in Prayer also

They Give Fake Proofs

When I tested all of them I just know that all their proofs are fakes just to attract people and that proofs is what making begging them and give me my money that not enough for me to spend. Not all of them but most of them using fake proofs online.

FOR ME: I don’t have any proof to give you at all but soon you will know how possible you can make your First N100,000 – Million Naira Online. Yes 100% Sure.

All these made me known that out of 100% Online Money Making Business. According to my knowledge and challenges I have in it. Just 5% are real. Yes I say so.

How I Am Making Money Through The Internet. Information Marketing is My Best answer.

There are so many real ways and method that I am using to generate money online but the best way that making Me Much Money flooding my Bank Account every day and night is:

Information Marketing Online Business…

What is information? Information is the details about something so that you can know more about the thing. Sorry for that statement but that is how I can define it.

But what Information Marketing Means?

So many business selling information and they making money as much as they want now. Because it is the one of the easy best one fasting selling product.

Information can come in any format like:
You can give out a video as an information to people. That video may teach people How to do something and see how many people that want to watch such Video that they willing to gain benefit from it. Many Video recording and Editting available to get your video file ready simple as ABC.

PDF eBook Format

This is the popular format that most people using to read information package from author or coach.

This is eBook that they will just download on phone or computer and start reading. We have other format we using to read eBook depend on the format that the author converted the eBook file to. There are also tools to convert your document to PDF Format

AUDIO Format

This is an information you package for people audibly which means you record it and give it out for selling. They are many free tools you can use to do this.

Let’s go….

There are thousands to millions even billions of people looking for one or two things to learn that will add value to their lives and the where your money come from is to give them their Solutions.

Prophet David, I don’t understand all these again…. Relax. I will make it clear for you now.

If you have been stressing your self since morning may be at your work and you are thirsty very well. I mean strongly.

And you just see a little boy coming at that time selling cold pure water or minerals and you have money to buy it.

What will be your reaction. A part of seeing it as vision to you. I know what you will do.

You will quickly call the little boy to come and you will surely buy it. Not that the boy use magic or charm. You bought it because that is what will solve your problem in that moment.

Yesss. That is what is happening in online marketing. The gurus calling it Hungry Market.

So which information do you have to offer people that already hungry or thirsty for it? It is just a question don’t flog me. Smile..

I will still give you more example:
I remember when I eagerly looking for the way they cab be importing goods from abroad. I knew it like something else and I just wrote information about “How To Import From Abroad Online”. I am selling it for just N2,500 and I sold upto 200 copies per month. That is N2,500 X 200 = N500,000 in just a single month. Sometime up to 300 copies. That is why I really love information marketing than other online making money methods.

I knew so many successful Info Marketer that making upto N5,000,000 every single month. I believe that in the future I will be into that level of this Information Marketing Financial Freedom. That is it.

See, as a beginner you may not making up to that. Because I have already promised that I will be faithful to you . Yes the the glory of God only.

But I will put you through till you make your Money.

Let remind you when we are in school now. Are you still schooling? Smiless

Because we want to do mathematics now. Just Bring out your Calculator and let’s do something

If you have an Information that you want to sell for just N2,000 and 100 people buy it in one month. What will be your calculation now.

N2,000 x 100 copies = N200,000.
What is the English language will I speak about your earning? That means you earned N200,000 in just 1 Month.

Do I got that calculation? Yes of course that is it. Not a magic or dream. That is actual how it is work with the help of internet.

OK. Let me bring it down. I want to sort something out.
And let’s assuming you have info product and you reduce the price to at least N1,500.

Now, let say you just sold 50 copies.

Now let us do calculation also for this little one. N1,500 X 50 copies= N75,000 in one single Month.

Tell me are you doctor, lawyer, teacher or other workers that just receive such amount per month even many of those workers I mentioned not receiving salary up to that amount. Tell me why you will not open a large Business, Buying cars, Buy land etc with the money you earned. Thank God you help people and you earned you are not doing fraud or scam before you get money.


I always say Shame on those Scammers and Fraudster that just selling their heart to Satan the Devil. If you have such person around you or you that reading this have being try doing scam. Please repent. This Online business is an Opportunity I have for you. Yes. I mean it.

I Want To Teach You Till You Make Your Own Thousands Money…..

If I am just explain from today to next month, few people that will need it will quickly grab it. Just a limited time for the registration.

Grab this great offer. Because I This is limited time, soon I will end this offer on this Website and Face other things because I am just pity people online. Many wish but they scammed and scared of Online Business .

Join My 10 Days Online Information Marketing Training!

I will TRAIN you till you make it and I am always available for supporting you via Email, Whatsapp or Facebook.

These are what you will learn:
– Send you the A-Z Premium Guild on on to start Information Marketing Business

– How and tools that you will use to build your info product for Video, Audio or PDF

– How to choose the Hot Topic that will sell very fast

– How you will Get Ready-Made Resale Right eBook Cheap or Free – I can give you eBook you can resell and keep 100% Profits

– How to be selling and make your First N100,000

– The list of companies that will help you to be selling up to 1,000 copies per month

– How to setup the salepage to selling it and Catchy Content Writup on the salepage E.T.C..

And with a lot of things to learn. Register today and start learning from Me. I Will put your hands on it till you succeed.

I will firstly send the PDF Format eBook course to your Email or Whatsapp…..

How Much Is This eBook Premium Training Course?

To be sincere, I am suppose to collect N20,000 for this Course. Yes I mean Twenty thousand naira.

PRICE: N20,000


But with Just N2,000 Today in this Week. You will be registered.

How To Register Now…..Just Make Your Registration Payment of Just N2,000 to Bank Details below:

Use Bank Deposit or Transfer method to make your Payment

BANK NAME: Access (or Diamond)
Adeniji David
004 503 3217

After Payment
Send these:
– Info Business Training Fee
– Full Name
– Whatsapp or Email Address
– Phone Number
– Payment Depositor’s Name or Transferrer Name

Send to my Phone number: 08069755971


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