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Prophetic Instant Miracle Money Prayer

Hello, This is a great and powerful Prophetic Prayer work that by force the Financial Breakthrough Door to open. This is part of the assignment that God gave me in this ministry of Deliverance.

Because Breakthrough and Financial door want to open and under this grace anointing of this ministry “Holy Ghost Fire Prayer & Deliverance Ministry”. If you can do this Prophetic Prayer work, you will rejoice and you will come back to testify under this same anointing.


  1.  Goya or Olive Oil
  2.  N1,000 
  3.  N50
  4. Salt
  5. Bucket/Bowl – With Water

NOTE: If you are not in Nigeria, use any amount money to do this in your country.

WATER– Get a bowl or bucket of water, pour water in it, add little salt to it and then Out N1,000 and N50 into it. It will be total of N1,050

You will read Psalm 1, 5, 14, 72 & Isaiah 61. Read into the water read (3x each). You see this is not small work, but powerful prophetic prayer.

OIL– Get Olive oil or Goya oil, and then read Psalm 72 (3x) into the oil.

The water and oil already prepared? Yes. Just Pray these prayer into water and oil together.


Start Calling “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST (7times), THE BLOOD OF JESUS (7times) and HOLY GHOST FIRE(7times), ANGEL OF MONEY (21 times)”.

  • God I give thanks to you for what you are doing and what you will do for me now.
  • God any sins that I have sinned that will not allow my prayer to be answered, forgive me and give me grace to not doing it again.
  • I pray right now, every powers that delaying my Financial Breakthrough, catch fire in Jesus mighty name
  • You Satan, I command you to leave the road of my job and business by Fire by Force in Jesus name
  • You evil spirits of backwardness, I command you in the name of Jesus. Leave my leave my life alone
  • Now, God give me the key to open door for my Finances in Jesus name
  • I pray that the mark that darkness using to block my financial blessing, wash away with the blood of Jesus Christ
  • Lord command angel Gabriel now to give me the joyful letter of my Success in Jesus name
  • I send Fire to clear away the bush that delaying money in my life
  • Angel of money come my way now, I want to use you for the glory of our father God.
  • I love money not for evil but to glorify God. I must have money in Jesus mighty name.
  • I command to receive back all my possessions in the name if Jesus Christ.
  • God, I release I and my loved one from the bondage of Financial Hardship in Jesus mighty name
  • Let people choose me to have mercy for and let all the people choose me for glory in Jesus name
  • Let the spirit of promise and fail leave my life in Jesus Christ name
  • I receive the spirit of prosperity and forwardness to success in the name of the Lord

Give Thanks to God because your prayer answered according to His will.

Now after all the prayers, remove the money and go and bath with the water by 6am early in the morning.

That same day, use the money to sow seed under the ministry anointed Prophet you have not see face-to-face before.

But if you wish to sow the seed under this Ministry that give you this great Powerful Prophetic Prayer that open door for Financial Breakthrough.

You can sow your seed of the N1,050 direct to me at:
BANK NAME: Access Bank
ACCOUNT NAME: Adeniji David
ACCOUNT NO:004 – 503 – 3217

And after the seed, I will pray over the name name display in the Bank Alert. Just use your real name to deposit the money.



I pray for you that the door of Financial Breakthrough will open by Fire by Force for you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Do this quickly because now you have read it and the angels of the work waiting for you now. Stay blessed.

NOTE: If you are doubting or you are against this prophetic prayer work. You can just leave it instead of going to talk against this ministry.

Please don’t try it because this ministry powerful more than that and I pray that you will not run mad. Some people neglet this ministry and they blame themselves.

But in everything, don’t forget that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. Thanks.

– Prophet David Adeniji – +2348069755971

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