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Empowering You Through  Prophetic Deliverance and revelation of Jesus Christ.

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you may be feeling stuck, stagnate, frustrated, insecure, unloved and many more to name. However, there is one name that is above all names, and that name is Jesus Christ. One thing is for sure, you did not stumble upon this page by accident. God loves you more than you can imagine. Prophetic deliverance is to find the root of the problem and uproot it from your life, to give you direction for your purpose, and to bless you. I believe that by you feeding your spirit with the wisdom of God on this website, your life will not be the same ever again! 

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Prophet David Arrey came into my life at a time when I believed that I knew what it was to follow God.  I thought that I knew and understood biblical truths; that there was nothing more anyone could teach me...then BAM! Prophet David confronted my baby beliefs with mature revelation of who God is.  He taught (and continues to teach) me, the unimaginable depths of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and our inheritance that lies therein.  


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Empowering You For Greatness

I totally understand that walking with God cannot be done alone, whether you feel like you have everything figured out or not, the good news is that you have access to like-spirited individuals who love God and are ready to support and encourage you. Let's take this journey together! 

Blogs To Empower You

Are you looking for answers to your questions about love, faith, the prophetic, healing, prosperity, or any other topic? These blog posts will transform you and help you understand the deep things of God that will lead to blessings and victory in your life today. 

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