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Prophetic Deliverance Is A Word From God for You, Right Now.

Born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa, David Arrey was given a word from God to carry a fresh fire for the last revival by empowering and equipping you through prophetic deliverance, which is a word from God for you, right now.


David was led by God to relocate to California, where he soon began mentoring and teaching a small group. His positive influence has changed and transformed the lives of everyone who has come into contact with him. After his season in California, God called Arrey to Maryland, where he is a disciple of Prophet Passion Java, his spiritual father.

Today, David is the CEO and founder of Arrey Studio, a web design agency, and he created this website as a resource to help you grow and grow in your knowledge of God so you can walk confidently in your purpose knowing who you are. David is preparing the people of fire to be equipped with the tools they need to overcome the last revival.

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Prophet Passion Java  &  Prophetess Lily Java

My Spiritual Parents

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Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Prophet Passion Java discovered at an early age that he possessed a supernatural gift; the ability to see and interact with Angels. After assuming this was normal, he soon realized that this gift was more than a gift; it had uprooted a deeper desire to do God’s work. Winning souls and leading people to Christ became his mission. As he attended grade school, he became a voice amongst his peers and his hometown prophesying and sharing the gospel. Many knew of the greater calling that God had on his life. In 2013, he heard the Lord instruct him to launch a television station in order to reach people worldwide. He named the station Kingdom TV. in which he eventually became the owner. Over the course of 8 years, KTV has stretched across the globe impacting millions; not by his knowledge of the process, but by his effortless hard-work, patience, obedience, and the grace and will of God.

Shocking Prophecy About My Purpose 


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The release of my new book is scheduled for later this year. In the meantime, you can browse our store. 

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