You've Been Taught About Deliverance Wrong Here's Why

Updated: Feb 27

Proverbs 11:9: Righteousness shall be delivered through knowledge.

Deliverance is a gift of information. The level of information determines the level of deliverance.

Revelations 19:16. And he had written on his vesture and on his thigh, "King of Kings and LORD of LORDS."

A thigh represents a person's historical, generational, and familial destiny; Jesus was born into the Judah family and was the son of David.

In Gen 24:2-4, Abraham asked Eliezer to put his hand on his thigh and swear because he wanted to give a generational charge concerning his son, Isaac, to him.

Every limitation in life always traces back to a specific background. The way we speak, think, and our belief system can be traced back to where we are coming from.

Proverbs 11:9 It's only through knowledge that the righteous are delivered. Have knowledge of your thigh and your forehead before you conduct a deliverance.

Judges 12:5-6 The Ephraimites, under the command of the Gileadites, felt compelled to pronounce the word Shibboleth, but instead said Shibboleth with a silence. They couldn't find a way to pronounce it correctly, and as a result, they were all killed because everyone spoke and pronounced the word according to their thoughts and background in a certain form. Learn

the language of a person before you deliver him. The Zulu

people are children of Chaka Zulu, so they're followed by a killing spirit.

The Shona people are the children of Chamunika. They fought with the spirit of sangomas (mweya wekushopera).

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